Fondant has many names - plastic icing, sugar paste and ready to roll - to name just a few.  It is an incredible versatile icing that can be used in many ways.

Fondant can be rolled and used to cover cakes or modelled into edible characters, animals and flowers.  Fondant can also be pulled, pressed, frilled, embossed, plaited and used in many other creative ways.

At Coppertop we only use and stock the high quality brands of fondant that are pliable, give an excellent quality finish and are preferred by professional cake decorators.

Some of the fondant we stock is also gluten, nut and palm oil free, and has no animal by-products (gelatine).

Nothing adds creative flair to a cake like our large range of coloured ready to roll fondant, saving you the time, hassle and mess of colouring your own.  We have huge palette of both pastel and vibrant colours to chose from.

All our fondant is available in a range of sizes from small 125g tubs through to the bulk 7kg tubs.

Hints for handling Fondant
Storage:   Your fondant will come tightly sealed to keep it soft and malleable.  Once you have opened your fondant cover and reseal any you have leftover to keep it fresh and to stop it drying out and going hard.  Small plastic zip lock bags are ideal (don't use plastic wrap) and then store these bags in an airtight container.

Modelling:  Fondant is a wonderful medium for making models and because they can be stored for a long time you can save a lot of stress by making them well in advance.  We sell and recommend C.M.C./ Tylose as a stabilising and firming agent to add to your fondant when making models and decorations.  Coppertop also stocks edible glue which is great for sticking models together or for sticking fondant decorations onto your cakes.

Colouring:  Our extensive range of pre-coloured fondant will save you time and mess, but if you want to colour your own we suggest you use the professional grade food gels/pastes.  They are thicker than liquid colours so you are less likely to alter the consistency of the fondant itself.  Coppertop stocks a range of gel/paste colours.